You've got to pick the right pick

This post is just for me as a reminder on the kind of guitar picks that I have come to terms with. I started with Dunlop Tortex picks, precisely speaking I started with the one that had 0.46mm thickness. Being a beginner to playing the guitar, those thin picks were really comfortable for me when strumming and picking. But as you learn and become familiar with some chords, strumming patters etc., those thin picks limit your speed. So I was on the lookout for some better guitar picks and I tried a few of them until I found one that was insanely comfortable to use, would not limit my speed.

Yes, it is the well known Jazz III picks from Dunlop. With this I also went thicker. So I do not use anything less than 0.73mm these days.

The verdict - I would recommend these picks to anyone that needs something reliable pick and something that would assist you with your learning!

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