Send it... yep! Sendin it...


What does "Send it mean? It's a jargon used within the Mountain Biking community, especially the Downhill community that indicates that you are about to hit a jump and that you have to clear the jump! Jumpin on the trails requires technique and a lot of practice. One way to practice the technique is to do it using some artificially made ramps! That exactly was my DIY project this weekend! I went to the local store "Bauhaus" as it is called here in Germany and shopped for some wood and nails.

The dimensions for the ramp I wanted are {h = at least 30cm, l = at least 60cm}

I made the choice that my ramp should be at least 30cm from ground so that I have some decent enough lift off! For this to happen, I had to buy a single piece of wood and have it cut into pieces! I would then assemble the pieces together using the nails!

Here are some pictures!
It was fun to build it and it roughly took me 40 minutes to get it done! It is not perfect, but for what it costed me (roughly 15 Euros), this is absolutely fine! I will probably test it the next days and I'm sure I'll have fun with it!

What it feels like getting a black out


Today, I drove to Düsseldorf to ride my MTB on the Aaper wald. I made a nasty mistake of not having enough breakfast. It started good, but after reaching the foot of the hill, I started to ride the up-hill section. After pedalling for about a minute or two, I started to notice that my legs were pounding hard. I feel that this must be the activity of my heart trying to pump more blood to my legs to feed them with power. After a while, the slope got even steeper and I could not ride it anymore, so I got down and started to tow my bike. It was demanding! Once I reached the peak, I started to get tired and felt a pounding sensation on my face and I started to feel dizzy. It was within seconds, I blacked out!

The following event is as told by my friend who was with me for the ride!

I fell down un-conscious, my bike fell over me. My fried then took the bike away and called me twice after which I got my consciousness back and got up! It was roughly less than 10 seconds where I went un-conscious! My friend told me that while I was un-conscious, my eyes were still open and he was not sure if I was breathing or not! I'm glad that I came back and I'm thankful to my friend that he called my name which I feel was the trigger to get me back to consciousness! After waking up, I felt as though I was sleeping for longer and while I was un-conscious, I was dreaming of something! Not sure what I was dreaming about. For about 20 to 30 seconds of waking up, I was still a bit dizzy and I was slowly getting back to normal. I had some water to drink and was just asking my friend about what happened to me.

It was after this incident, we drove through the forest for about 16km, both uphill and downhill where I was shredding the descents!