6 Weeks Update of my Knee


Ok so it is now just after 6 weeks of my knee injury and I'm getting better with every single day. Two Weeks ago, I had an appointment with yet another Ortho doctor and I found him reasonable. He had a look at my knee and said that the knee is stable (he did the Lachmann Test). He told me that I should now start focussing on stretching my knee and that I should let my Physio know that the goal for the next two weeks should be to do some exercises to straighten the knee!

But one good thing that the doctor did was to prescribe me a custom Don Joy brace. He told me that I should drive straight to a medical supply store and order a Don Joy knee brace. He also told me that once I have the brace, I might not need the crutches anymore. So I went to the store and got the measurements for my thigh and was told that I have to wait a couple of days for the brace to arrive. Once it arrived at the store two days after I ordered it, I was really glad to have it. Like the doctor said, the brace was all that was needed and I could walk even more comfortably without the crutches!

The brace also helps in avoiding sideways movement of the knee. I wish I had this brace on when I went Mountain Biking. Had I had this guy on my knee, I probably wouldn't have injured my knee in the first place!

Here are some pictures of the Don Joy brace that I have now!

CCTV Monitor with Raspberry Pi & OpenCV


I wanted to play around with OpenCV and thought it might be a good idea to try OpenCV with a real life use case. DIY'ing a home camera system that can do motion detection and click images when there is some movement in the frame sounded like a cool idea. So I researched on how I could get this set up done.

There were quite a few things that I should decide, like for example., where will I mount such a camera - indoor or outdoors? If outdoor, then what about protecting the Pi from the harsh weather conditions? How will I mount the Pi such that it has a power supply? Until I answer these two questions, all what I do with my Pi is just going to be installed indoor. So I decided that I will mount my Pi in one of my rooms for the time being and just get to learn the software that is needed to get the job done. So it is going to be Python and OpenCV. I'm now spending considerable amount of time to familiarise myself with OpenCV. I have done Analytics before, but never had the chance to play with image recognition and processing. Intention is not to dive deep into how the Haar Cascade classifier in OpenCV works, but rather start with how to use it practically. Later on, I will probably get deeper insights into the algorithm itself!

So for now, the goal is to get the setup up and running! Here is what I have been up to so far!